Determining Child Support

Your children and their ability to live healthy, comfortable lives is a priority. Divorce can take a toll on the entire family, and matters regarding your children are of the utmost importance. At Ann O'Connell Law, Ltd., we understand the impact that child support will have on your children’s future, and we take a compassionate, yet aggressive approach when assisting our clients with these matters.

Understanding The Child Support Equation

Both parents are obligated to provide financial support for their children. Illinois laws determine child support using a formulaic approach that takes several factors into account.

The formula is based on the following parameters:

  • The combined net income of each parent — past and present
  • Number of children
  • Parental responsibility
  • Parenting time

Current laws take the entire family picture into account when deciding if child support is necessary and what the allocated amount will be. These new laws incorporate changes made to what used to be referred to as “child custody” or “visitation” and focus on what each parent provides for the child, how much time they spend together and other items from the parenting plan.

Helping You Fight For Your Child’s Future

Child support payments are determined using an analysis of past and present income and responsibilities. When circumstances change, it is possible to seek modifications to your child support award. Our attorney can assist you with the initial determination and the pursuit of any needed modifications.

Your child’s future is important to us. If you are considering divorce or need assistance with determining child support, contact us today. Call our Evanston office at 847-859-5453 to speak with a family law lawyer you can count on. We serve families throughout Cook County and Lake County.