You Have Rights As A Father

In family legal cases involving children, many men believe there are limitations on their parental rights. The truth is, when you sign the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form (VAP) in Illinois, you can provide for your child. You will benefit from the guidance of an experienced family law attorney to identify the rights you can exercise as a father.

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Your Child’s Best Interest Is A Priority

When it comes to your child, the court will always make decisions that are in their best interests. The court recognizes the importance of children having both parents in their lives. You can rest assured that unless you are a threat to your children, you can continue to be involved in their lives.

If you are facing issues that threaten your paternal rights or you fear losing visitation or custodial rights, contact our experienced family law attorney.

Guiding Families And Parents For More Than A Decade

Our experience practicing family law can relieve the burden of your family legal issues. Our attorney at Ann O'Connell Law, Ltd., provides our clients with compassionate and honest legal guidance. We will take our time to research and understand the details of your family legal matter. With 24-hour access to our lawyer, you can rely on us to relieve you of your legal burden.

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