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Family law encompasses many different areas: Divorce, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, Parentage, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements. If you have a concern regarding your family, contact Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. to discuss your situation.

I am a family law and divorce lawyer serving Cook County and Lake County, Illinois. My approach prioritizes resolving family disputes with dignity and always in the best interests of the children. In my practice, I represent spouses during divorces; address parenting plan issues; secure child support and maintenance (formerly known as alimony); draft pleadings; attend court hearings, depositions, and meetings; conduct legal research; and strive for optimal outcomes for my clients.

While all lawyers aim to assist their clients, as a family law and divorce lawyer, I grasp the intricacies involved, including children's welfare, justice for abused spouses, and property division concerns.

Regarding property division, I possess particular knowledge and experience. With an undergraduate degree in finance and accounting and seventeen years of experience in the financial industry, I personally undertake much of the financial investigative and analytic work for my clients. Additionally, I maintain contacts with top-tier financial experts in the divorce industry to provide assistance at trial if necessary.

On a personal level, I have successfully handled numerous divorces, boasting a proven track record in negotiating settlements and trial work. I am trained in mediation, and I am acquainted with most of the divorce judges in Cook and Lake County, Illinois. I advocate for mediation and negotiation whenever possible, though I am prepared to be assertive at trial if required.

My team and I are readily available to answer your inquiries and keep you informed about your case developments, sharing all pertinent information. Prior to devising a strategy, I will brief you on the tactics, and it will ultimately be your decision whether to proceed.

My fee structure is hourly and competitively priced, and I endeavor to keep invoices reasonable and fair. If warranted, I will petition the court to have your spouse cover the fees.

Lastly, my strong interpersonal skills enable me to engage calmly and constructively with emotionally vulnerable clients, recognizing the deeply personal nature of family law matters.

Please do not hesitate to contact my firm for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

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