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The choice to get a divorce is not easy, but it may be the best option for you and your family. As you take steps to end your marriage, you will need to understand the many different legal issues that will need to be addressed. It is also important to consider how the decisions you make will affect your life after your divorce has been finalized. In Palatine, Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. provides comprehensive legal support for people who are going through divorce. We can help you determine the best strategies for success during your case, and we can make sure all legal issues will be addressed correctly while advocating for solutions that will meet your needs and provide for the best interests of your children.

Core Issues in a Palatine Divorce

When taking steps to legally dissolve your marriage, you will need to address several key issues. Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. can help you determine the best approach to take when negotiating agreements or addressing divorce-related issues in the courtroom. We will advise you on how to resolve concerns related to:

  • Division of marital property: Any assets that you and your spouse have acquired during your marriage will need to be divided. Illinois law provides for the equitable distribution of assets. This does not necessarily mean that you and your spouse will both receive an equal share of your assets, but all of your property should be divided as fairly as possible based on a consideration of factors like each party's economic circumstances and contributions to the marriage. We can ensure that your interests are protected as you make decisions about how to divide your property. We can address complex assets and financial concerns, including ownership of a family business or the division of pensions, retirement accounts, and real estate investments.
  • Eligibility for spousal support: Either you or your spouse may face financial concerns related to income and expenses during and after divorce. Both of you should be able to maintain the standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage, but if either party will be unable to do so, financial support may be appropriate. Eligibility for spousal support will be based on several factors, including each spouse's financial resources, the duration of the marriage, impairments to either party's earning capacity, and contributions by one spouse to the other spouse's career. Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. can help assess your situation to determine whether spousal support may be a factor to address. We can ensure that the guidelines in Illinois law will be followed correctly when putting spousal maintenance orders in place.
  • Negotiating a parenting plan: If you have children, you and your spouse will need to reach agreements regarding how you will share parental responsibilities and parenting time. Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. will advocate for your children's best interests during child custody negotiations. We will work to ensure that you will be able to foster a nurturing and stable environment for your children after your divorce. We will also make sure the proper child support orders are put in place to ensure that your children's ongoing needs will be met.

Additional Divorce-Related Issues

We can also assist with a variety of other family law issues that may play a role during your divorce, including:

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: If you made a legal agreement with your spouse either before getting married or during your marriage, we can provide guidance on how this agreement may affect your divorce. We can determine whether an agreement is valid and enforceable, and if so, we can make sure its terms will be followed correctly.
  • Post-divorce modifications and enforcement: Your life circumstances are likely to change in some way in the future, and you may need to make sure your divorce decree or parenting plan reflects these changes. We can advise you on the best steps to take to address modifications to child custody, child support, spousal support, or other aspects of your divorce decree. We can also help you take steps to enforce the court's orders if your ex-spouse does not meet their legal obligations.
  • Attorney-assisted mediation: You and your spouse may choose to take a collaborative, cooperative approach to negotiating a divorce settlement. However, even if you use a mediator, it is important to have legal representation. We can provide legal insight on how to negotiate effective agreements, and we can review the decisions made to ensure that they are legally sound.

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