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Getting a divorce can be a challenging process. The choice to legally dissolve a marriage will impact nearly every aspect of a person's life, from finances and living arrangements to family dynamics. In Arlington Heights, Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. offers comprehensive, compassionate legal support to people who are going through the divorce process. We understand the difficulties that divorcing spouses may encounter, and we are dedicated to helping our clients understand their rights, determine how to resolve disputes, and address all legal and financial issues that may affect them and their children. We fight to protect our clients' interests throughout every step of their cases, ensuring that they will be able to move forward with their lives after their marriages have ended.

There are numerous legal issues that must be addressed during an Illinois divorce. Fully understanding these issues and determining the best approach to take will often require the assistance of a skilled legal advocate. At Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd., we help our clients develop successful strategies to ensure that they can achieve their divorce goals. We can assist with issues such as:

Asset Division

The division of marital property is one of the primary concerns divorcing spouses will need to address. All marital assets and debts that a couple obtained during their marriage will need to be divided in a manner that is considered to be fair and equitable. Multiple types of property may need to be addressed, including physical belongings, a couple's home, vehicles, and financial accounts. Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. has extensive experience addressing financial issues during a divorce, and we can assist with the division of complex assets. For business owners who are going through divorce, we can help perform business valuations and determine how business assets may be divided. We can make sure retirement benefits such as 401(k) accounts, IRAs, pensions, and real estate investments will be divided correctly while protecting our clients' financial interests. With our deep understanding of the legal and financial concerns that may affect property division, we can help ensure that our clients will have the resources they need after completing the divorce process.

Spousal Maintenance

In some divorce cases, one spouse may request financial support from the other. Spousal support may be a factor in situations where one spouse earns a substantially lower income or is a stay-at-home parent, since they may need assistance to ensure that they can maintain their standard of living. Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. can provide guidance on whether spousal maintenance will be a factor in a case, and we can ensure that the amount and duration of maintenance will be calculated correctly. Our goal is to ensure that maintenance arrangements will allow our clients to transition to post-divorce life while maintaining financial stability.

Child Custody and Child Support

In divorces involving children, spouses will need to determine how they will share custody going forward. In most cases, parents will share custody, and they will need to create a parenting plan that details how they will work together to raise their children. This plan will address the allocation of parental responsibilities, which will determine how parents will make decisions about how their children will be raised. It will also include parenting time schedules, ensuring that both parents will be able to spend sufficient time with their children and maintain positive relationships. When addressing these issues, Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. helps our clients focus on the best interests of their children. In addition to negotiating workable parenting agreements, we can ensure that child support obligations will be calculated correctly, addressing the income and financial resources of each parent and dividing child-related expenses between parents fairly.

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While divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life, you do not have to face it alone. With Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd. by your side, you can approach your case with confidence, knowing that legal issues will be handled correctly. Reach out to us at 847-859-6222 to set up a free consultation and get the legal representation you need as you work to dissolve your marriage. Our dedicated team is here to help you move forward towards a brighter future.

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