While finances may not be the most romantic topic in the world, it is an important thing for couples to discuss when getting married. Getting married typically involves merging two financial households into one. This can have major impacts on the goals of both soon-to-be spouses.

Among the money-related discussions it can be important for engaged couples to have are conversations about prenuptial agreements.

These agreements allow couples to set various terms about how financial matters will be handled during the marriage and in the event of divorce. They can put various asset protections in place and can be used to help with a wide range of goals.

Having honest conversations about whether to have such an agreement is an important step for couples to take prior to getting married. It can help them with determining if a prenup would be right for them.

It can be important to start these conversations early. Prenups can take some time to form, and there can be risks to rushing their creation.

Now, prenups may seem like an intimidating topic to bring up with one’s partner. Things that may help with making these conversations easier include:

  • Picking a peaceful environment for such discussions
  • Acknowledging to one’s partner that this is a difficult topic, but an important one to discuss
  • Being a patient and mindful listener

When a soon-to-be-married individual is looking into forming a prenuptial agreement with his or her partner, another conversation it can be important for him or her to have is to talk with a family law attorney skilled at forming such agreements. There are various pitfalls one could fall into when it comes to prenups. Mistakes in such agreements can compromise their protective abilities or even leave them invalid. Experienced family law attorneys can provide guidance on avoiding missteps and can help with drafting well-tailored prenups.