The holidays should be about cheer and good times, but after a divorce, they become a hassle. You shuffle the kids back and forth. You have to rearrange regular holiday schedules to accommodate the new arrangements. It can be frustrating, since you may not even see your children on a holiday. However, this is just one of the things that comes with an Illinois divorce and maintaining two separate households.

Yahoo! Explains that there are some things you can do to help ease the trouble of the holidays after a divorce. Ideally, you will reach an amicable agreement on a holiday schedule during your divorce. If you are still in the process, make sure that you pay attention to the holiday arrangements. Ensure that your children will get adequate time with each of you and that anything you decide is doable logistically speaking.

If you are through your divorce and having issues with the schedule despite having a parenting plan, then it may be time to work with your children’s other parent to make adjustments. It is not fair to expect the other parent always to give up time or deviate from your court-ordered plan, but if it is not working either of you, then you may be able to change things.

Fixing issues will be a group effort. You need to consider what is best for the children. If this whole holiday situation is stressful for you, then it is undoubtedly just as bad if not worse for your children. Remember that they deserve happy holiday memories and not memories of their parents arguing.

You may need to start new traditions and let go of the old ones to accommodate the new schedule. Compromise is key to making the holidays less of a battle and more of a celebration. This information is for education and is not legal advice.