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How to Prove You Signed a Prenup Against Your Will

 Posted on June 12,2024 in Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

IL family lawyerMany people have a general sense of what a prenuptial agreement is: a document that a couple signs before they get married detailing how they will divide their assets and manage their finances in the hypothetical event of a future divorce. Although thinking about your marriage ending when you are still engaged can be unpleasant, many people enjoy the peace of mind it affords them. However, some people feel they signed their prenup against their will, and that can be enough of a reason to nullify it. If you are about to begin divorce proceedings but feel you were pressured into signing your prenup, a compassionate Rolling Meadows, IL family law attorney can review what happened and advise you on how to proceed.

Can I Prove That I Was Forced to Sign My Prenup?

People are sometimes pressured into signing a prenup against their will. Fortunately, there are several factors that the courts take into consideration when trying to decide whether this was the case, including:

  • Alcohol or drug consumption: If you were under the influence of illegal substances at the time that you signed your prenup, you can argue that you signed it involuntarily. Any witnesses who can testify to your mental state at the time that you signed the prenup or any photos or videos that can indicate the state you were in at the time can support your claims.
  • Timing: One way to get someone to sign a prenup that does not serve their interests is to bring it to them right before the wedding. With a specific timeline involved, you might feel pressured to sign it without looking through it in depth because you want the wedding to go according to plan. One way to support this claim is by showing the date the prenup was signed and the date of the wedding. If they were very close together, you can demonstrate that you were pressured into signing.
  • Legal representation and resources: Wealthy families often have their own lawyer they can call on for legal advice whenever necessary. Most people without means do not. If your fiance’s family is worried about how your marriage might impact the future of their family estate, they can have their lawyer draw up a prenup that protects their interests, and you might be manipulated into signing it even though it does not protect you in the same way. If you do not have someone reliable offering you legal guidance but depend on your fiance’s family’s attorney, this can certainly be a case of being pressured into signing the document against your will.

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Being pressured into an agreement when you are unsure whether it is the right move can be a terrible feeling. Speak with a supportive and hands-on Arlington Heights, IL family law attorney to see whether you have a case against the prenup you were manipulated into signing. At Ann O’Connell Law, Ltd., we offer reasonable fees and a clear pricing structure so that all our clients can have access to our dedicated representation. Call us at [[phone] to schedule a free consultation.

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