Assisting Injured Firefighters And Police Officers


As a firefighter or police officer, you put your body and life on the line every time you go to work. Your daily activities increase the risk of potentially sustaining an injury. Illinois legislature has enacted benefits, including the Public Employee Disability Act (PEDA), the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA), workers’ compensation benefits and the Illinois Pension Code in order to help compensate and aid firefighters when injured in the line of duty. At P. Ann O'Connell Law, Ltd., we have fought for the benefits of injured firefighters for over a decade. We have a thorough understanding of the interplay between these benefits, how to file for each and the corresponding procedures involved.

Understanding Firefighter And Police Officer Injury Benefits:

  • PEDA: Provides police officers and firefighters who suffer an injury in the line of duty with their full salary for 52 weeks of disability pay. The employee must be paid on the same basis on which he or she was paid before the accident with no deduction for sick leave credits, compensatory time or overtime or vacation, or service credits.
  • PSEBA: Provides lifetime health insurance benefits to police officers and firefighters who suffer a “catastrophic” injury in the line of duty as a result of: (a) the officer’s response to fresh pursuit; (b) the officer’s response to what is reasonably believed to be an emergency, (c) and unlawful act, or (4) during the investigation of a criminal act.
  • Illinois Pension Code: Provides disability pensions to police and firefighters suffering from line-of-duty or not-on-duty disabilities or occupational disease.
  • Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act: Provides compensation to employees for injuries that arise out of and in the course of the employment of the injured worker. The injury must be causally related to the accident.

Examining All Of Your Options

In order to qualify for a line-of-duty pension, you must submit a formal application. A hearing will be conducted by the pension board to determine qualification. You may be required to undergo separate independent medical examinations by different experts. These analyses are completed to see if you are capable of performing your work duties and to note the cause of the disability sustained due to your injury.

When these claims are all filed correctly, it is possible to receive your pension fund, workers’ compensation benefits and insurance for life. An experienced attorney can guide you.

Advocating With Knowledge And Skill

If you are a firefighter and have been injured on the job, contact us today. Call our Evanston office at 847-859-5453 to set up a free consultation with our public safety workers’ compensation lawyer. She also works with referrals from union representatives. We serve firefighters in Cook County, Lake County and surrounding areas.