Family Legal Issues Directly Affect Your Children

Throughout the divorce process, there can be tension and emotions can run high. When children are involved, things can get more complex. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must make decisions based on what is best for you and your children. It will be to your benefit to have a mediator. Our experienced family law attorney is an experienced mediator who has helped parents and families for more than a decade.

At Ann O'Connell Law, Ltd., we provide customized legal solutions to family legal issues. We will provide you with honest legal counsel accessible 24 hours a day. We will make your child’s best interest our priority. You can rely on us to guide you through the allocation of parental responsibilities.

Determining What Is Best For Your Children

When it comes to the process of divorce or separation, you will have to allocate parental responsibilities. Parental responsibilities include where and when a parent can spend time with the child. In Illinois, a parenting plan sorts these actions and duties.

Your parenting plan may address your child’s:

  • Health care plan
  • Nutritional and dietary needs
  • Routine
  • Physical safety
  • School attendance and place of residence

Our attorney will guide you through the process of allocating these responsibilities and your options. We will do what it takes to achieve what is in your child’s best interest.

Experienced Family Law Attorney In Illinois

For more than a decade, our lawyer at Ann O'Connell Law, Ltd., has provided compassionate legal guidance to families and parents. We strive to provide proactive representation and practical solutions. With 24-hour access to legal counsel, you can put your worries to rest and allow us to handle your family legal issues.

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